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Fuck the World, Skating's Better - text


Fuck the world, skating's better
When I'm on my board I fell fine
I forget about this fucked up world, it's left behind
Fuck the world, skating's better
This is how I escape
From all the things in life that I seem to hate

Skateboard day and night
When I'm with my friends I fell alright
Skateboard every chance I get
It's what I know so fuck the rest

Skateboarding is my freedom
Here come the pigs, grab your boards and run

Fuck the world, skating's better
This session is far from being done
Whoever thought destroying things could be so much fun?
Fuck the world, skating's better
Don't give a fuck where I'm at
As long as I've got my board there's some fun to have

I'll skate or die
I'm in this shit for fucking life
I'll skate or die
The only thing in this life that feels right

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