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American Justice Is All A Lie - text


There is no justice for all
If you don't have money, you're going to fall
Our president gets away with murder everyday
He fucks over the lower class, but somehow that's just, that's ok

To the leaders of this world: FUCK YOU
Who abuse their power: FUCK YOU
And corporate greed: FUCK YOU
That exploits our needs: FUCK YOU

What the fuck is this that surrounds me?
Democracy and justice is served by greed
Intolerance and bigotry at its high
American justice is all a lie
Blinded by a dream that you can't see
Democracy and justice is served by greed
Ignorance is bliss so you close your eyes
American Justice is all a lie

Businesses exploit us for billions
But never suffer any consequence
Where the fuck is the justice
For cases like Brian Deneke who was innocent

Rich companies steal billions
Maximum one year in a white collar (minimal security) prison
Lower class man steals food so his family can survive
Left in prison till death, alone and deprived

Is this what you call freedom?
Where the fuck is the justice?

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