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The Truth pt. II (Everything Is Permitted) - text


With eyes that only see in fractions, refractions
With ears that only hear chain reactions in the air
This body is a cage, these senses they decay
The true nature of this place

There's so much more and i want it all
I want to breathe the stars, i want to drink the sun
Return to the source , return to one
Do you see the absurdity of what i am?
Living in the world of gods, confined to the body of man

Let me go, from this disposition
The tunnel visions of the human condition
Show me your true form
Are we free? Or slaves to hidden masters?
Stil searching for the answers
Show me your true form
Show me what you are

No, nothing is real
Let me go, no worries, no fear
No, nothing is real
In the ebb and flow
I'll always be here

Return to one

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