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Affliction, Pt. I - text


Dressed in wounds; I walk the streets alone
and this was home; now just a ghost town.
and I remember how this place used to be when I was young.
now the crossfire of street lights leads me nowhere.
chasing her image in the night. chasing; searching for you.
and I don't know how much longer I can take this.

I was hollow, i was so f___ing lost.
chasing her image in the night but instead found you.
tonight I found my peace in your eyes,
chasing her image in the night, but instead i found you, tonight.
and when I wake intertwined in you this all seems so long ago.
all my past mistakes begin to fade, this is my chance to start again.
that place is no longer home for me,
i found my place here next to you.
And maybe you will never know how you changed me.

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