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Yonder Realm Photography - text

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Two photographers were on assignment for a known
magazine. They approached the accursed hall. Unware
of the ghost that... still dwells within.
They were assigned to profile Raynham's structure.
Focusing on adequate exposures. There hung a mystic
sphere. Emotions of unexplainable fear made them
clear they'd rather disappear.
For this old house gave them weird conjectures. As if
something dark come near.
Misty form roams through the night.
Torturous soul astrayed from light.
Portraits of dead entities.
Yonder realm photography.
Gazing with fear up the staircase. A ghostly
shape arose before their eyes. Quick!... There is
something strange. Click!... Was the sound that the
flashlight pistol and the camera made. They developed
a picture that showed a morbid image... apparently
of the brown lady.
Raynham hall
Raynham hall

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