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The Carriage Wheel Murder - text

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Next morning his corpse was found twisted, cut and broken
The way those empty eyes stared!
As if they saw the doors of Hell going open

Something bewitched returned from the ashes where she once burned
Princess of the moon
Roaming timeless gloom
Murder! Murder!

Once sick of hatred, now frightened of these unsolved deaths
His cheating mistress and her lover passed away like rats
Now Ian's hourglass is leaking time like a bleeding that cannot be stopped
For a lugubrious existence is craving for his teardrops and blood

Kijk mij aan zodat de duisternis in jouw ziel kan schijnen
Jouw bestaan zal als een tijdloze vloek in de dood verdwijnen

That day he's riding through the forest as his intuition speaks: "You are being followed!"
Then the spirit attacked from the trees
It pushed his face into the spinning carriage wheels
His skull cracked open..
..and there were no more screams!

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