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Malediction de la Madame Blanche - text


Tâchez dêtre rentrés avant le clair de lune
Parce qu'alors
la forêt devient vivante!
They plough on the lands near a damned, baleful source of evil
Drifting foreign knaves, broken slaves of war
Trying to avoid the wrath of the french revolution
Eyes of fear and confusion
They seem terrified of the white cloaked haze that lies dormant in daylight yet haunts moonlit crops at night

The french peasants called the apparition "La Madame Blanche"

Some of them worked late on their fields and mysteriously disappeared
As if they just ran straight into the black marsh, to escape from the atrocities of the white ghost

Certainly convinced she came forth since that hellish fire
Like a straw she burned!
None concerned until her phantasm had returned from a bleak spectral world
Frequently she's seen in the gleam of a dismal chimerical moon floating through clouds of gloom

La malédiction de La Madame Blanche
La malédiction de La Madame Blanche

This town is haunted
This town is goddamn cursed
These trees have eyes
Staring through your soul during moonrise
Oh, you don't believe the truth?
Turn around!
Perhaps she's standing right behind you
Right now!
Right now!

The french peasants called the apparition "La Madame Blanche"
These words were transformed by the church which identified the curse as "De Lammendam"
And don't expect a happy ending when I say goodbye
You may kiss the bride before you will brutally die

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