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Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena - text


Ghost, a lost semi-transparent appearance
Soul, a fog-like human form of mental anger, caught between life and death

A threatening presence of an invisible personality
It keeps bewitching the sceneries of earth instead of departing to a much more blissfull world

Doomed and forgotten in a mortal realm of bloom
Repeating tragedy summoned by the moon

Paranormal hysteria
Poltergeist phenomena
Listen to the laments of the sick moaning dead

They speak a simple fearsome language
Knocking, moving objects and scratching against the walls
For some reason they refuse to pass over to the light
It could be love, hate, and vengeance that keeps them wandering circles at night

Heretic poltergeist phenomena!
Heretic poltergeist phenomena!

Ghost, a lost semi-transparent existence
Soul, a misty human form of negative anger, confusing life with death

Cursed and desolated in an earthly stream of tears, it keeps arising like a wolf when a full moon appears
Paranormal hysteria
Poltergeist phenomena

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