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Uninspired - text


Is there anything left,
worth fighting for?
These days have got me wondering,
what the fuck is a bright side?
And is there hope?
Or are we destined for pain our whole lives?
I pray one night I’ll be able
to fall asleep without wondering
if I’ll wake up tomorrow.
‘Cause fear has been riding my coat
tails for the last 20 years.
So loud I sing, is there anything worth fighting for?
‘Cause all I ever see is the same
bullshit attack our lives over and over.
So loud I scream,
is there anything left to believe in?
We’re searching for answers
without knowing the questions.
I’ve yet to go a day without being uninspired
my the failure that surrounds my life.
I’ve yet to go a day without
being uninspired by
the road blocks invading my life.
It’s time to turn, turn the tables
on this fucking world.
Give me something worth dieing for.
This world won’t break me.
This world can’t break me.
No one can save me.

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