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I'm just not meant to find home. I can't be loved by anyone
I'm still chasing the falling sun, 'cause I'm a failed son

I've never known what it's like to have an answer
Nothing to say than the scattered thoughts of yesterday
I just want to see clearly, but you're blinding me for now
I need a sense of direction to stop me from spinning out

Fading out to the point of becoming transparent
A life alone, forever on the outside
A life pushed aside and all these years of falling behind
It's only me and everything I couldn't be
Coming undone at every seam you pulled apart
You pulled apart my fucking heart

No matter where you came from, no matter where you've been
No one gives a fuck, unless you fit right in
I've found comfort in seclusion. I've found peace in solitude
I feel secure in isolation. I swear it's easy for me
So just let me be

I want to leave the last page blank in this book
I want to be the air in the backwoods
I want to leave the last page blank in this book
I want to be the life the night took

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