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There's no way to explain, I'm just all out of patience
I just can't stop moving to prove my motivation
I'll never catch my breath while I'm still running away
You'll never really know what's stirring behind these eyes

I fell asleep angry today. You said to wait, but nothing fucking changed
I fell asleep broken again. You said to wait, but nothing fucking changed

At least I know I always tried to believe
But my hope and faith were gone when you were taken away from me
I've forgotten what it's like to feel love
I've forgotten what it's like to feel free
All I can feel is hollow and empty
All you can see is the broken shell you know as me

Abandoned here and left for dead
I'm banging on the walls of my own head
My fucking thoughts won't let me escape all my mistakes
This is my fate
Won't take no for an answer, won't turn the other cheek
Headstrong in the world with nothing to believe
Nothing to gain. Nothing to lose.
If you can hear me scream, just know it's all for you

You never explained a life so difficult
I just want to run forever, but it's not that simple

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