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Nothing Changes - text


You’re all the fucking same.
Day to day, holding hope tight.
And still, nothing changes.
You all stand and hope waiting
for a brighter tomorrow,
when today just passed you by.
And it feels like everyday
is darker than the last,
well I’m not living in the past.
But this depression is all I’ve ever known.
And hating you never gets old.
I don’t want to live,
I don’t want to live another day,
with you fucking pretenders.
You make me fucking sick.
You bunch of fucking pretenders.
You make me fucking sick.
Can’t stand another wasted night.
I won’t live another wasted life.
Tell me why I should try to make change
for a world who never spared me a thing.
Tell me your idea of what needs to be done.
Tell me when you think the war is won.
In a town full of fakes, no one left to believe.
When will I get my relief?
You’re all the fucking same day
to day still holding hope tight.
And still, nothing ever changes.
Nothing ever changes.
And still, this path I keep treading,
with all of these words said.
Moving on is all I have left.

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