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Let Love Die - text


Can you relate to your heart
losing density?
The feeling of your heart sinking.
Everyday I bring myself face to face
with these questions:
How could you have done this to me?
How could you have done this to us.
So many promises I held so tight.
Promises un-kept.
Promises you broke that night.
You were handed the heart of a broken
man in hopes you would be
the answer to every worry he ever had.
But it’s all meaningless to you.
It’s all meaningless to you.
Can you feel the pain one bit?
Or does it reflect off your insecurity
driven excuses?
I’m sick of spending every midnight
clenching to the roots of my own hair.
And killing myself on the inside
because you weren’t there.
My heart wont be given away ever again.
You fucked it up.
This was your last time.
You fucked me up.
I’m letting love die.
Broken hearts.
We’re drowning in our sorrows tonight

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