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Crumbling - text


So much lost time,
so many wasted years.
Searching for better things
but there’s nothing to be found here.
And everybody questions
why they cant find the time to smile.
In a world where
everyone shops for status,
happiness is lost in the isles.
And when your self worth
is only your possessions
it wont be long till all
you own is your own depression.
Everyone need something,
something to hold on to.
But all I’ve got is this music
that no one understands.
Everyone has something,
something to hold on to.
Well, all I’ve got I the music
that no one under stands.
Quick to judge, quick to turn away.
And so I’ll scream,
since no one cares what I have to say.
The world around me is
filled with nothing but a fucked up society.
I’ll tear past it all in hopes
to find a better place for me.
I watched the rise and fall.
I watched it die.

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