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American Failure - text


Living day and night in question,
wondering where we went wrong.
So until questions become answers,
I'll pour every word into every song.
Straight out of my heart.
I beg, take me back to the start.
Why is it at the end of every night
I fight falling asleep?
How long will it be till me and dieing meet?
Remember the nights when we sat together?
Got lost in thoughts of tomorrow.
Tomorrow and forever.
Well, nothing ever happens like I plan.
Now I stand alone, with an empty hand.
Nothing ever happens like it should,
We could have held on,
well I thought we could.
Rewind back everything.
Forget your hopes and dreams.
I am, the society is, an American failure.
Help me figure this out.
Will I make it through one more night?
Help me figure this out.
How will I make it through this life?
My fucking life, has gone stale.
We were all destined to fail.

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