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Trapped inside two worlds of reality
Enveloped in a living
Purgatory in your mind

Visions of death - The only life sign
Subconscious fear runs
Through your mind
Dark illusions that can't be denied
Dreams of your death come to life

Unlighted path - Comes from your mind
Night terror lurks deep inside
Destroying you - It comes to be
Haunting your life - Mind never free

Dormant fear holding you in its grip
Cold hands keep you from awakening
Nocturnal imprisonment has your life
Struggling to break free from mental chains

Mentally gone, Your mind is devoured
A dark submission takes you down
Eternal sleep brings your end
Dreaming your life as it dies
Awake from your fate but you
Can't break free
Fear has crushed you in its hands
Unraveled in pain
Your life fades away
Now your mind is gone
Night terror reigns free

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