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Beautiful Wasteland - text


It rarely makes the news today
The place where I was born
They called it a wasteland
A wilderness gone wrong
Where the twisted trees have fallen
The branches stripped and bare
In the silence of the night time
Innocence is here

Beautiful wasteland is me
Beautiful wasteland is me
If only you'll see, you'll believe

I embraced my father's warnings
And studied in your schools
To justify your theories
And convoluted rules
Travelled to the corners
Where everybody knows
My country's been wearing
The emperor's clothes

Beautiful wasteland is me
Beautiful wasteland is me

I'll take you there
To the bracken slopes
When the summer's rolling in
I'll take you there

I'm lying by the ocean
Her western breeze is still
She's the heart of all seasons
A mother to my soul
When the century is over
And the shipping days are done
Like a child for the first time
I'll lie here again

Beautiful wasteland is me...
If only you'll see, you'll believe...

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