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I see a window over your head [x3]
And it's pouring out blessings
[Verse 1:]
You've been in a season of difficult lessons
Trying to do your best in this economic depression
As long as you try you will survive
Your friends and family cannot help you
And even in your struggle they need help too
You'll be ok, I just wanna say that
[Verse 2:]
I see a window open, you've been copin, you've been hopin, you've been prayin
Now it's your hour, blessings falling like you're standin in the shower
It's hard to believe it, gotta give some away cause it's hard to receive it all
You break down, you cry,
Is it Christmas in July, nah
Breakthrough, miracles now you gotta tell it
Big ones fallin, I think you need a helmet
Yeah, didn't quit but you stood instead
And a blessing just bust you in the back of your head
Oh, Oh there goes another one
Give your mommy, daddy, sister, and your brother one
You're a believer the doubt is over
You're a receiver the drought is over

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