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If anybody see that devil tell him I'm after him [x4]
[Verse 1:]
Tell him I'm gone get him
And I'm a get everybody with him
I can't stand you devil
You done took it to a whole another level
Wish you were here right now
I'd punch you dead in your eye
I got the Father and the Son
And the Spirit so devil you better run
[Verse 2:]
You done got something started
Trying to touch my body
Want me quit, can't now
Messed with the wrong saint now
In the name of Jesus
For all the believers
We gonna hunt you down
Beat you down to the ground
[Verse 3:]
One for the Father, two for the Son
Three for the praise, I call it my holy gun
Four for the word that won't come back void
Five cause the devil tried to steal my joy
He tried to cause sickness, disease but
We declare healing and ease yeah
And my friends don't like you
And even my momma want to fight you
[Chorus x2]

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