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[Verse 1:]
Looks like the party started up
Everybody's hands are lifted up
Praise Him let go now give it up
He's the reason why you live it up
Game done we won, the battle's won
Have fun, speak tongues Roshun-a-nun
See now we got the victory
Won't let nobody bother me
And ain't nobody drunk and staggering
And throwing up
We prasing in the street and in the church
And in the club
Cause when I think about the goodness
I never sit
We bless the Son for all He's done and
We won't never quit
Hey girl right there get on the floor
Hey boy right there get on the floor
Don't won't no drama on the floor
I'm a call yo' momma on the floor
Everybody come get on the floor
Havin' so much fun out on the floor
Bring somebody out on the floor
Let's praise my God out on the floor
[Verse 2:]
Look at Mother Miller on the floor
She done left her wig out on the floor
Look at Deacon Earl out on the floor
Got a Jheri Curl out on the floor
And I see everybody prasing God
Got my heart beating fast like a racing car
It feels so good up in the place
One thing the King's up in the place
This is boy coming through let me in the door
If anybody needs me I'll be out on the floor
Don't need no entourage it's just me and the Lord
The scene so thick I couldn't even see the floor
DJ gave me the nod so I nodded him back
And you know what that means
That means play my track
It's the one two punch you already know
Canton Jones speaking truth while the Messenjah flow
And you know what happened next
It started with praise. Then the Spirit rushed in
So the worship was great
When it comes to mere street I don't discriminate
So that means I'll keep rappin' 'til the devil gets saved
You like to go crazy get rowdy and loud
Got everybody screaming, "I'm saved and I'm Proud"
Get those camcorder ready 'cause man I see it now $12.99
Get your tape Christian gon' wild
Hey girl right there [x3]

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