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[Verse 1:]
Gorgeous, confident, high self esteem
Don't have to depend on a man to buy her things
She got her own job and got her own car
And she ain't Hollywood but I promise she's a star and
She ain't into drama
Elegant for the limo ride and still ride shot up in the Hummer
She's in her career and she takes life serious
But still can take a joke, Eddie Murphy delirious
Oh my God look at her style, Oh my God look at her smile
And I ain't seen one like this in a while
She was all about Kingdom, yeah, yeah, yeah
And that's what I need
She was all about Kingdom, yeah, yeah
And you already know what it is [x2]
[Verse 2:]
Nothin like a Kingdom woman
You can't take them for a dummy
I got Kingdom in my family from my wifey to my mommy
Seen them run Day cares, State fairs and do Hair
Be careful how you treat her cause mommy's a Paralegal
A Nurse, a Student, a Model and a Marine
And still all about Jesus, the finest I've ever seen
Proverbs 31 girl, if there was a 32
Guaranteed it would have been written about you
Oh my God look at her smile, Oh my God look at her style
And I ain't seen one like this in a while
[Verse 3: rap]
She at the first service, be at the church serving
For certain, she knows she fly in them designer skirts and
Purses, the shoes and she choosing the Word
Win and never losin, confidence oozing
Don't get it twisted cause she ain't in to no confusion
God in her every movement, she's superhuman
Proven, Kingdom chick
That ain't a rumor, type you want to wife
And take her back to rule Zamunda
And all the petty stuff she don't participate in
Up early am, everyday prayin
Kingdom, hear it all up in her conversation
Whether she's in the street or up in the congregation

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