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All of your trust is in the Lord. Your habitation shall be a place where you will rest in his love and no evil shall befall you. I say that in that place you'll find hope, you're going to find faith, you're going to find love, you're going to find strength in that place in God. I say that God is going to restore your soul even in a trying time. I say that He is going to bear you up. He's going to hold you up. He's going to give you strength. You shall not fall. You're not going to dash your foot against a stone. You're not going to trip, but you're going to stand firm. I say that God has given you a creative and a very powerful mind so that you can walk out the purpose and plan of God for your life. I say that you have a promotion in the Spirit realm as well as in the natural realm. I say that you abide in the favor of God. I say that God puts you out front. I say that the favor of God is resting upon your life. I say God will give you a fresh anointing. He's going bless you, He's going to bless your ministry. He's going to bless your work. He's going to bless everything you put your hands to do with good results. I'm telling you, I say that the Lord is pleased with you. That He has placed his name upon your forehead and He calls you by his own name.

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