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The Murderer's Pact - text

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Coercion and threats
Made their demands
Held the past over my head
One mistake has made me their tool
Blackmailing a means to the end, I'm forced into the pact
Is that what I am?
How can I stop this?
Not a violent man but now I'm forced to kill
Seems to be no other way
Trapped by an accident, tragic and fatal
The crime was unintentional, but this I cannot prove.
Is there no way out?
Is that the answer?
Deal has been made
No turning back
I'm bound to kill by the murderer's pact
Steel myself fot the task at hand
Preparing the tools that I need
Sharpen the blades, make the kill quick
Extortion drove me to the deed, I take from it no joy
Now I will do this
I have made my choice
Sins of the past
Haunt me today
Should have confessed
Motive concealed
Hunting him down
His life will end
I'm bound to kill by the murderer's pact.
Thrust of the blade repulses
Commit the heinous crime
Stabbing him repeatedly
Gouge his neck, slash his face
See his look of terror
He knows his time has come
Cannot show him mercy
Make him die, finish it
(Lead - O'Brien)
Blood on the knife
His body slumps
Corpse left to rot
The deed is done
But in my mind
There is no peace
Two dark secrets
That I must keep
I'm bound to kill by the murderer's pact.

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