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Submerged In Boiling Flesh - text

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[Music and lyrics by Paul Mazurkiewicz]
Dangling above a vat of putrid muck
A rancid stench of foul decay never encountered before
Screaming in horror for I now remember my fate
I will be submerged in boiling flesh
This cauldron will soon take my life
Upside down my mind is warping
Cannot break free
From the shackles
Bloodied chains cut circulation
Losing reason
Gag and vomit
Blisters are forming all over my body now
Oozing with pus as they start to explode, fervent finality
The fumes and the vapors have perforated my lungs
Writhing and twitching from maddening pain
Why must I die like this?
Insanity not far away
Mental breakdown
Scathing havoc
Pray for death to come and get me
Inner anguish
Received Relentless
Near the end is what I'm sensing
Must accept it
Can't accept it
Last attempt to stop this nightmare
Cannot be done
I will be dead
While waiting
My life will boil
To struggle is useless
[Solo: Rob Barrett]
Of the obscene
[Solo: Pat O'Brien]
Enter the tank
It doesn't take long
Epidermis dissolved
All that's let are my bones
It's a matter of seconds when defleshed in flesh
My body now part of sick mire
This chamber of liquefied humans that I have amassed is completed because I was
The last in line

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