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Severed Head Stoning - text

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Buried waist deep gagged and bound
Piles of heads lie on the ground
Executioners start to assemble
Condemed man shakes with fear
Doom now becoming clear
The faces of the heads he resembles
His family's head strike him
The most recent victims
Without mercy savage killers throw
His wife's head breaks his jaw
Bruised flesh becoming raw
From many wounds blood begins to flow
When the victim dies
They chop off his head
Severed head stoning
Bady beaten, in a daze
Eye pops out, fluids spray
Pulsing veins cause the wounds to gush
The end is near the bloody stumps
Mangeld face a mass of lumps
What was now a man reduced to mush
Mashed into a pulp
Dozens of bones break
[Solo - Jack Owen]
Severed head stoning

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