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Planet X1-4Z
Far from all known galaxies
While searching for lifeforms light years from earth
My vessel was damaged in a meteor storm
Turbulent crash landing
How long will I be stranded here?
Thick with sticky vegetation the new world is very strange
No choice but exploring it further
In a distant clearing firelight can now be seen
Upon investigation I spot an alien being
In disbelief I gaze on it's stunning beauty
It's sensual flesh glows green with potent sativa
Filled with carnal desire my presence soon becomes known
Intense attraction clouds my judgement (Weed googles on)
Under the burning sun we two now become one
A night of intense love, we could not get enough
Disoriented, when I awake the creatures gone
I feel agonizing pain coming from my dong
In horror I see my prick is now turning green
Mutated veins sprouting leaves
The tip of what was my junk begins to ooze with small brown seeds
What the hell is happening to me?
What's worse it begins spreading roots into my deformed body
Screaming for help, the intense pain is overwhelming
My corpse is defiled, it is now becoming a nug so vile
My corpse is defiled, it is now becoming a nug so vile

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Nug So Vile


Cannabis Corpse texty

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