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Dark knowledge long have I sought but have not found
the magic spells and incantations that would astound
my research has led me to find a decrepit library
Lost in time, buried by puritans fearing its witchcraft
Will this be the key to unlocking what i have been looking for?
I must go this is the only way to satisfy my dark desire
I go Deep into the forest near the town of salem
In An overgrown passage awaits salvation
In darkest night I walk alone upon this trail
The pale moonlight reflects the glow of evil sigils
I cut my palm and drip warm blood onto the altar
A door is revealed, the passageway beckons me inside
I am afraid this ghostly entrance is where i will Die
Stepping down the staircase and through the cobwebs
The foul smell of death fills me with dread
This place left undisturbed for ages contains the dust covered pages
I make sure to speak the words precisely so the spells will work
cannot fail or I am sent to Hell
Inside the circle I stand the ritual has now began
The ritual has now began!
The room goes cold as I read the incantation
ever word spoken brings me such strange sensations
countless ghostly spirits unleashed suddenly
chaotically swirling around me
"Bring forth the lord of flies I seek his offerings, hear my command!"
A horrific demon appears
in a burst of flame to do my bidding
I command it to bring me a joint of hells sativa
From a bag made of human flesh it pulls out a doober
I spark it up making sure to pass it with my left hand
The joke was on me
that joint was all stems and seeds

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Left Hand Pass


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