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In Battle There Is No Pot - text

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Begin the training,Your strength must grow
My ancient wisdom will now live through you
OBEY! I am your master
BOW! You lack discipline
Control the power that grows within you
a great warrior shall you soon become
The final lesson that will be taught
In battle there is no pot!
Every thousand years a tournament is held
in the realm of strife
there you must fight for your life
Fighters from far off lands wage combat to the death
For the prize of very dank hydroponic herb
With focused mind and deadly strikes
prove yourself to the gods
rising up the honored ranks to face one final foe
Welcome warriors! The gods of pain have brought us here to honor them with blood! Let the fight begin!
The ultimate test of your will has come
you step into the pit showing no fear
Wise ones gather to witness
the climactic confrontation
the crowd begins to murmur a skunky smell fills your nostrils
they open the gates to allow the champion to enter
Behold the behemoth of bud
its gnashing jaws its ripping claws
tearing at your flesh
blood spills to the ground,
hopelessly you try to fight
At the last moment before you surely die
You manage to see a torch blazing nearby
it is in your grasp
Now a weapon
the vile creature
as it burns you somehow survive

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