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Black vultures fly over thoughts of the dark sky
Dropping their sharp claws and taking weak betrayer and feelings
Good clothes, good food, don´t rebel before your master
Pray, study and submit tourself don´t try to contradict
Following mafia, captor sect, evil christians, opus death
Come into the dismal temples, feel your soul expire
Reading their fals book, a evil chill comes into your bones
Extermination of justice es their inmedialy winning post
The decapitation of their loyals and the final wrote
Following mafia, captor sect, evil christians, opus death
That people who don´t make the rules, will be punished
And your bodies will be burnt in the desobedience fire
That people who don´t make our lust ful and secrest wishes
Will be dispossessed of their thoughts, their freedom, and their lives
Your crosses will be burnt tubury and your images destroyed
Your temples looted an pillaged and your virgins violated
The sacred book of your rulers will be rubbed out forever
And your institution calcined in the hell of your pride

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