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Everybody is on the watch, the enemy´s killer lurking
They have choosen now protest like stupid hipocritical
A new kiler atomic army prepare to evil attack
A new policiaco state, have practics to kill
Represives measures to the stranger
Unconditional pardon for the fascist
Intimidation whit a gun molestation and torture
You can have walk, but without, stand up your nasty head
You can protest, but without sense protest againts
Now, Now, Now claim their rights
Never, Never, Never will make liberty
Down, Down, go down is going our power
Resist, Resist, Resist is the only way
Dictators without compassion, will you to pain in the existence
Repressor with no conditions, will you condemn to suicide
Walking across the streets without have a reputation
Will punish with the amputation trade with death you will reward

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