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The Process Of Self - text



wake up
do you realize who you are?
breath of the blinding stars
constant developing
thirsty for everything
this more than I
hear with mind
don`t fear the change of self inside
the process
inflaming the fevers of the tongue
obstacles in the back
to the side
to the front
birth of a new
overcome the ways of the negative
in depth commitments that will improve
the way to live
this being one of many
assemble the pieces of the puzzle
intently, no envy
criticize, condemn and complain the triple negatives
double sedatives
examine the faults of self-it`s imperative


admit when wrong
the sense of character is raised
the road is long
it will save you from disgrace
is your truth in season?
i ask for obvious reasons
confidence runs high
reconstructing the binds


creator of your environment
architect mapping out the blueprints defined
these facts do not drift away
the work in progress charm
protects you from decay
the winter touch reacts
the cold chill cracks
negative self-detach
the lives are the same
cause the ways are the same
cause the lies are the same
cause the acts are the same
are your arms getting tired
from holding a grudge expired?
releasing the fires
dissolving bonds that were once
made of concrete


look up
look up at the victimized
running to their death
process of development inside
how many here can withstand to remain?
no gain without pain -ac

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