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The sound alone will make me move along
This thing speaks, you’re often on
The sound alone, yeah, yeah
All the song now
The hiding measure, you won’t get them
And when you’re down you’re down all bound
The crazy town, all way down
If you last long the warning hound
The warning down, you’re all, yeah
The fregging down, they soothe my neck
The fregging town, it’s all down
This walking all around
This walking all through town
Won’t you laugh?
It’s Monday while I write
And better ever laugh alright
Do no lie just all life
Better ever laugh alright that
What time, just my life
Is ever hanging out of the day
A better life, it’s all I like
It’s better walking all around
Ever back, it’s all, it’s all alive
Ever back, it’s all, it’s all alive
Forget one life, it’s all their life
We make you people all laugh
Forget one life and parts he correct
Forget it and support all parts of life
Supporting one life is just breaking time
The magic’s better all alone
Just falling alone, the threshold of life
Living’s taking all of my morning life
Back, it’s all, it’s all going in my pocket
Back, it’s all the morning of my life
All string
It’s all and now
Laying down to the ground
Is it a mind or is it a grawl?
For it’s all sense, it’s all
Or is it a game
Or is it a game?
It’s just in, he’s just tall
I wouldn’t laugh

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