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Life is Strange Original Song Medley - text


I wish that they had listened,
I wish that they had cared,
Your life is in my hands now,
How could it come to this?

It seems like things could be so simle,
Such an easy fix

In my head
There's pictures that are never fading
Long after you've turn dark,
Little things remind me of the world inside you,
But there's no need for us to mourn,
Cause you are never really gone

These colors seem never as warm, I feel a
Stiff breeze as we weather the storm and yet I
Let it all wash right over me,
I close my eyes and I see
This is the place to,
This is the place to

Wanna see me let go?
You wanna hear the silence?
Tell me I should care
If you could see my face now,
You wouldn't take that shot, well,
I won't be the same

You can't tell me to feel,
Watch me

I won't tell you how to live,
Any day now you could give
Me a smile and you'd say,
"Let's be stupid together,"
The truth is really simple,
We'd be right back
In a heartbeat

Every little memory
Seems to haunt me,
How am I the only one
To really care?
I believe there's
nothing left to save me,
I'm on my own
Along this journey now

Bring me all the way
To the light of day,
You blind me now you're gone,
And fire's leading dawn

There is no need to be cynical,
Some things are not what they seem,
And if you don't believe me,
I'll show you what I mean

And he can't touch me now,
This is our world,
For all that we've been through,
And there is no way out,
There ain't no point in wondering,
Forever I'll be here with you,
And this will be our time,
This will be our time,
This will be our time

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