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It's a certain kind of loving,
That Only you can give,
It's a certain kind of loving,
That has a hold on me.
It's that certain kind of loving,
Only you know how to play.
And I'm certain That you loving is with me
I'd be a prisoner oh Heartache,
Loneliness would dance and play,
Sadness would come to stay,
If I were to loose you.
I'd be chained here in my emptiness,
Sentenced to unhappiness,
Caged in love and bitterness,
If I were to loose you.
I'd be locked up in remembering,
Yesterdays joy, My heart re-living,
No-one could take your place,
If we were to seperate.
Home with you is my sanctuary,
There's nowhere else I'd rather be,
Your the support and the strength i need,
And I need you here with me.

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