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My violent terms are momentous
Not real but they could've been eventful, they could've been essential
They could've been effective
But we won't know the consequences
We won't know what the outcome would've been
Had I not've been a non-aggressive little girl who cross s's
Dreams of getting out of a four walled room cuz it's not expensive
Tryna get out you know
Not follow the route you go
You looking at me like I’m looking like I just did a pound of coke
Checking on me I am never checking you so what you browsing for?
I could wreck record and my vow is sworn
Promise you won't be the one I call
I never think of you at all you aren't even my last resort
I bounce most quicker than the hop in the hip
Flow thicker, floating, I'm going off when I dip
Me at the top drop plop when I hit
You can't drop from the bottom of it
Not probable kid, quit
I teach a thing or two I've taught all of this shit
You getting tossed out the district
Turn into a number in the crop of
Standing beneath the light I can't the stand the bulb
What you wanna be the one I write about?
It’s highly unlikely it's even more doubtable
Amounting to zero's so count the o's
Sounding like weirdos whose mouths won't close
Shut up isn't gonna do a thing I swear to god I need to get my shit right now for those
Who don't know, useless
Alicia silverstone, clueless
What do you mean I'm newbie when you know d-damn well that I introduced this
Gotta be fucking kidding me no wonder nobody is ever coming with improvements
Need to s-o-s cuz I'm just like f-o-x
I'm just bad news bitch

You know what a carcass is?
They got a coffin waiting fit for your departure trip
Up in the glove compartment they got a list you're at the start of it
Maybe you're not about what you spit but based off what your bars consist
Your mouth's where you throw garbage in
Artery clogging phrases
Bargaining off my wages
Take what I have when you want it and you never had to work for it
Sparkling pop champagne when
You just want the praises sorry but pardon me I'm not patient
This is exactly what comes out of messing with artists
You become the target I aim with
What did you think
I was gonna do when you left?
Sit around knuckles up to my chest?
Yeah uh some of you don't impress
Offering to pay me for some lyrical debauchery to lower my self esteem
You should've known I never do what I am told gonna prove it you now I'm the next thing
And the best one, forget it I am destined
I make friends with your girl be the best of
She don't like girls but I'm the exception
A whole new world bring her into my dimension
I ring her and attention is brought onto me
Like I guess you could say I'm “singer” did I mention?
You don't like rap? Me either I'm against it
Change who you are just to keep her interested

Superiority wherever the fuck I am
Super defensive, you were defensive looking to up my hand
You had a sense of all of my abilities
You know what I can
Do and what ya'll have been giving me's not really skillfully done
So try again
You won't, you might, perhaps
I'm thinking the reason you lie's for laughs
It bothers your more than it should
Cuz nobody tells you if you're even good for tracks
And you gotta make up a story about me to them like “she don't write her raps”
Like it’s really that hard to believe that I don't need a guy for that
So irritable, better be praying for a miracle
Clearing the coast
Yeah you got the team and money but that's just as far as appearances go
You think it's nothing I'm serious though
Really does matter you'd rather take after the one before you
Just to be the one after and keep on repeating the pattern of their inexperienced flows
That's bullshit
When you reek defeat
Might as well throw in the towel, teepee the tree
The level that you're on is nothing but a tbt
I've already been there before it's easy to be
Don't come and act like I'm knee beneath
Don't fucking hand your cd to me
Get to serving ‘em all, turn to Kermit the frog
I fucking have to preheat the tea
Getcha particularly finicky
Suggest an extracurricular activity
I must offend some, you really think I'm into me?
You fucking betcha, I'm feeling the epitome
Of one's attention
I want it till infinity
My skill is simply doing the thing of taking flight
And if you really wanna put my name in your mouth then the least you could is say it right

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