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Salt (feat. Fjer) - text


Sodium my love
Water and salt to clean out your mouth
I be that custodian my love
Your friends can't see us if they're not around
Not real if we cannot see them my love
Hide me like a disease or virus
If you think that they could even find us
But I don't care if they don't agree with it love
Any detail, I'll find out
Cuz see when a female is lied ‘bout
There is only headaches, cheap smiles, and timeouts
Y’know, nacl’s what I'm ‘bout
Nacl’s what I'm bout
When he begs and kneels when I'm ‘round
I can't help but feel like I'm tied down
I'm so nacl and tired now
Back, back then
We had to pick and choose
I had nothing, he had the bigger shoes
You ain't shit, what is happening to you?
You don't get I did what I had to do
I got a bad habit too, it's my attachment to you
You fall in love with harassment
I’m gonna ask you to sue
I don't care say it I'm practice
Honey if that's what you need to get through
If that's what it takes to be equal to you
Then I'll be the warm up, adrenal gland too
Like what? like wise
Get away with it like wise guys
Nah, get away with it like white guys
Only wanna know me in the night, night time
Under those sheets, go beddy bye
Salt intake is so heavy, why
You get so Drake when you're getting high
You can't have cake and confetti
You always say hey then never mind
You think I take from you every time
But how can I take what’s already mine?
How can I take what’s already mine?

Underneath this skin, wounds are open, raw -
You’re the reason, I choose the shortest straw
You love the taste of the salt in my palms
Your tears will taste like salt in my palms

Unable to find the part that does care more
'Twas us therefore
You’re tryna get buzzed you swear pour you some
Ain't no thing as fair war
And so we ring on their door
Hoping they don't think I'm a
But if they do then I guess that we’re meeting in the room
In which they sleep and their floor
What happened, happened?
Damn this dude wanna act like slick
Wanna act like this, move fast, seismic
Believe we're acrobatics
So we grab his broom, break in half, nightstick
Snake attack might hiss
Wake him in the night time, take aback might piss
Like oh my-oh my god you had to panic
Oh my god with your profanity
Don't use god in vanity
Like aren't you sick of sanity?
Broke hearts make music through agony
We should get lit and admit some shit we wouldn't in reality
You could've been it, but damn it we
Acted so stupid, it had to be, had to be
Having me waiting to be knocked down
Or till a person pull me
Why the hell does my ass take everything so personally?
Measure our wealth in self love but hell love we do like jewelry
I'm selfish so if you have me just know you can't have me fully
Anything goes, I knew this
So open with each other like nudists
If it was me or god i'm almost pretty positive you'd choose him
And that's not to be accusing
I just don't want him I want you, shit
I thought I made that conclusive
I got my payback you lose bitch
“You'll never change” that's what's you said
You stuck in my ear like glued q tips
I’ma run out of here like school shootings
Salty tears so diluted
Don't live in your delusions
All of my friends were like fuck you and I just made up excuses
No labels we are exclusive
Turn the tables

Underneath this skin, wounds are open, raw -
You’re the reason, I choose the shortest straw
You love the taste of the salt in my palms
Your tears will taste like salt in my palms

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