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Run from the law
Are you coming or not?
That's the kind of thing I need to know now
Fuck what you want
Taking that tone like you're ready to get thrown out
Stuck in a spot
I ain't 'bout to do the whole confetti but a showdown
Worry 'bout your little petty pronouns
I ain't 'bout to worry about something I'm not
Not, definitely
There's no other way to put it delicately
I paid my price wrote the check in quickly
Yeah you got money but look extra guilty
Dirty rich bitch might've felt so filthy
Melt the Milky Way, felt so silky
The world in my hand like I held it pristine
The option to sell I could sell the buildings
The world

Hello would you like to break me?
Well you're a derivative baby
Ticklish, diminutive, and shaky
This is indicative of a minimum maybe
I'm in it to make it and I'm waiting
If I win it and take it am I saving
Any kid with a wit and a nice placing?
I admit I'm a bit surprised facing
Living a life of "I hate me", strangely
Giving them eye, I'm blind daily, faintly
I don't know why I might get so angry
What kind of a lie did I make? I'm making
Execution, death
Just cuz I run out of breath doesn't imply
that I'm not so ready to set
The death threat the dead to dead debt no depth effect yet
You wanna feel what I feel when I'm left?
I don't appeal not ideal to the theft
I'd like a meal ima kneel to the chef
What a deal what a steal on the real I'm impressed
Move, you got a lot of veal on your vest
You don't talk to the famille (familia) you're a guest
It don't matter 'bout the heels or the dress
Demand real respect

I run from the law when I love it is wrong
I do what I need she does what she wants
Dumb and a broad, when I'm done you applaud
Better come you are not, gonna run You are not
Gonna jump, trust me I'm nothing you thought
Got your little tongue tied got your tongue in a knot
Young and I nod, nod, nod, shrug and I yawn bitch
Think you might've just messed with the wrong chick
Oh wait yeah check it out mosh pit
Off with the clothes that we shoplift
Caution your shit's soft it's complicated
Oh we talk communicated,
yeah I lost but I'm not hatin at least I was nominated
You were not even a single thought that made it
Chick I taught you, graded
The shit I bought you, save it
Do not believe a wobbly chick I know you hesitated
So wrong, how come I waited
So long, I even made it
Your song, from all the things I made you do
I only made you more strong
When you fall nighty nighty
Looking all high and mighty
You call yourself so pristine that's what you call tidy whitey
I don't like when you don't like me
I don't take that shit so lightly
You fist bump me then bump my shit must be nice I spit politely

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