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Never lay a finger on her
I said never lay a finger on her
Booze breath, getting really mean
It means you want her
Seen her on her belly, back, and seen her when she's seen her father
Acting like you be the father
Dance around the subject
Year and then a plié, pirouette, jete with a mirror set, pique while you're near the end no delay
When your knees are bent
The week days disappear and then
A decade and I fear the rest of each day
We're eating because he paid
Money means everything that he say
Twenty just to behave
“I will pull the car over won't hesitate
I swear you that you don't really wanna test me on the freeway”
Henny on a v-day
We were always celebrating Jenny on my bday so it never felt like me-day
Kinda silly memories that we don't replay
Fuck you but I won't put you in jeopardy, anyway
That's some shadiness
Mama dating men who really don't know what a baby is
Here we go again, better keep your radius
I don't like your friend
Do you even know what age he is?
Type of man to hate a gay enough to just say sapiens
Kinda phony, kinda funny
Alimony, all me money
Give it to me and pneumonia through sickness matrimony
And these bitches that all know me but you know that you're the only one
So you ain't gotta worry bout nothing
Your lips must do cross country cuz
They both really be running
Ily if you don't why the fuck do you keep coming
Back again
Pretty soon we'll become antonyms
Every night I go crazy start imagining
You leaving me and you go back to him
Mama why's always gotta be that way
You know how fuckin mad I get, get, get
Are you a man or what?
So you touch a woman with your hands and what?
I would hit the door and you would slam it shut
Fuckin with me when I could afford to be acting up
Now they’re gone, family is average
Those are the people that you have to love
And if, I was to act like I was that above
That's it, send me on my way and I be packing up
Okay, little girl i was
I was like can I come?
Go away
Taught me how to listen to the people I would
You were like how long will love me? I said
You know that you love me but that's something that you won't say

And why am I so tolerant of handling the space
With me traveling in place
And you rattling my cage
It's quiet when I talk to you
My back against your face
I won't laugh if you get wasted, that is not the case
I like it when I'm alone I just hate it when you don't
Think you gon make me lose my hope
You know this lady can't be broke
No I can't wait for you I won't
No I can’t wait for you
I won’t

I can't be low

Ending verse:
Can't be the one to hold my hand
Don't hold my hand you didn't offer
But I know that if you did the holy water would come raining down upon me
And the one and only daughter that you ever knew resembles someone else
You only want her
When she's something other than herself
Cutting others better help
Say that you got something to say
Fucking tell her then yourself
Lucky if you get the chance to love her cuz she's never felt
A thing for anyone and I promise you she never will

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