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Can I Forget You? - text


Now stop, hit a nerve wanna pound clock
Morning sunshine sounds like a loud knock
Mouthed off
Hate when the buzz of the bees
are the ones in my tree family proud not
You will never not be happy now huh
Cuz you got everything you wanted now huh
I just wanna make you fuckin proud nah
But you just wanna treat me like the groundhog
You could never see me through the cloud fog
Can we put some time aside for down talk?
Promise I'll be good you won't be out long
If you want it we could bump a couple foul songs
But really I don't know what you're about cuz
You were doing things I could never do without us
Swallowing these things and I never used to down drugs
But I'm feeling dumber than the situation outcome
How come
We work hard for the best
Yet all of us get parts to the yes
Not whole, not old enough
to be smart so we're given 3 parts to the test
Don't you see hearts in our chests?
Don't you see art in our heads?
Don't you see a start to the end?
Don't you think we'd leave if we could
if we didn't think that it might get so hard for the rest?
Honest and yet, nothing, no result
Brain damage, hope assault
You hit the pain misspelling all my names
I never learned a thing in the roll of call
Don't be asking me, you're the grown adult
Where I’m gonna be? I don't know at all
Even if it's we and we're both involved
And I end up leavin', it's no one's fault

Yup, had a choice yup yup I did
I'd be lying if I said you wasn't it
I was meeting everyone and all their kids
Hey, if you really wanna get up then I'll sit
No it's not a problem i’ma go ahead and live
I haven't been living and I know I'm really missed
Cryin’ about everything and all the silly shit
Don't be telling me that “if you loved me you would quit”
Cuz you don't have a clue about it
What you gonna do about it?
It was always you I doubted
You could tell the school about it
Betcha get your crew about it
Hit you with the truth and knock a tooth
and get the booth about it
Bitch you never knew about it
I was doing new things
Brand new mindset, head to the shoe strings
For the few that get by, you know few leave
So you should prolly say hi to the new me
I’ve been here for a quarter of a minute
it's that long
But I'm not so good with digits
So that's wrong
All they ever wanna give me is that pat on
The back, rap on the track,
“damn little girlie take my hat off for that
Hoping I would take my cap off for that
C’mon I’ma take a snapshot of that
Better not forget me when you have all of that
I better not hear shit like ‘I'll call you back
You're good but I saw you bad
I've seen the wors,t I brought your bag
Your baggage first, our problems last and
Body cast’” and damn it hurts
Somebody has to have the last word
If you want me back then you gon’ have to work
And you gon’ master me or you're a bachelor
Not playing when I'm saying you gon’ have to learn

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Video přidal DevilDan

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