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[Verse 1: T.I.]
Sit back, toss dice in a knick trap
Serve big crack in white T's and fitted caps
These sick reps, this my life you just spit raps
I been a hustler all my life gimme six stacks
Cop my self a quarter kite I can flip that
Cook it till its solid white tell ‘em hit that
Big fat Os of that solid hard git that
Those like your blow on a boulevard knit sacks
Just as big around as a Tylenol, hit that
Nigga with the Yay tell him now bring a brick back
Now I'mma move it five days, nigga, 6 max
And ain't no runnin' off with yay shootin' big straps
40 cals, Sk's with no kick back
Get you get your shit sacks right where your dicks at
And I don't think your clicks just supposed to forget that
I gotta a gauge for that day you want some git back
While we sprayin all you niggas sayin git back
Duck down nigga, naw what now nigga
You was talking plenty shit but you ain't tough now nigga
You don't know the click, I gotta enough wild niggas that'll
Hit you then drive you to another town nigga, dig a
Hole throw you in it for a half a brick a blow
Rappin' and movin' is all you niggas know
Swear to God these niggas true fags, certified douchebags
[Verse 2: Juelz Santana]
You don't know what that new Glock do
You don't know how to count chump, 2 times 2
You don't know what the grind is like or that new rock do
You don't know what it is to see that shoe box full
Chump, you don't know what that oo op do
Have your block like oo aa oo
Who shot who
Yea, I leave the gun there so the police think you shot you
I hop in a coupe and do my do
I pimp most of these bitches, really open these bitches
Ask about me, you thought really Tony was vicious
Man I'm that times 2
So please homey, cuff your bitch and let that guy through
Let that guy move
Let that guy go
Man that guy crazy
Let that guy know
Cat got rabbies
Yea mac got Amy
Shots that ready to pop and hatch like babies
I lock the block down
Like a jailhouse lockdown
Cops found, razors in the mattress
I let the 8 boop off at your face dude
Have you coming out the speakers like the base do
I'm a mothafuckin beast and animal
2003, the street's new Hannibal
Man I show you what the piece and hammer do
Raise my arm with the piece and hammer you
Let the 8 spread, off at your face head
Watch your face shead sorta like snake's shead
I'm guerrilla, born lion hearted, ape bread
Zoo minded, eagle eyed, beetle side, snake head
And I play dead, just to fool you, just to move you
All that just to shoot you
Fall back, this shit is cuckoo
[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Cha ching, I'm in
Bling my rims I sing they spin
But my 2 nine M's, they the ying yang twins
Cus they Skeet, Skeet, Skeet, Skeet, from the window to the wall
From the ceiling to the floor
With a feeling when you ball
Make your mom cling
'Im into don things
Don Dom, Donna Karan, Don Cornelius, Don King
But follow Jon Gotti, Joe Pesci, armed robbery
Hard body, body hard doggy fuck up your bodyguard
Dolly call us the shotty ma
Yall'll call up the squally squaw
Prolly hard, get it all the squally in the party pa
Right in the hamerstein
Gasoline, tear gas, pepper seed, tear fast
Knight sticks tear ass
Cuff ‘em and chief goes
Damn gun that he reach for
Hammer hit with the cheap blow
Man its nothing I eat those
Then I piss off my fowl, I lay for it
Car, Crib, credit, A 1 steak sauce
I'ma straight boss, great loft, great Porsche
Golf course, race horse, Aqueduct, Ray Soft
And I make one call to get the pussy poppin'
Call your girl, pop that pussy wanna pussy pop
And a hoochie split it, doogie hit it, booby hit it
Her booby want her back the coochie, play saluchi wit it
Booby at this thing, damn he all moody with it
She ain't all that in that car I say Suzuki civic
I make a movie with it just to get my point across
Dog hand cuffin' god damn join the force
Mommy, come join the boss
Stick your tongue out and
Toing a toing a toing on my dick till your voice get hoarse
Once again I gotta tell you that the boys are coarse
I employ the force
Half a mil on lawyer cost

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