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There grows a weed looks like a flower
Looks like baby's breath on a mirror
My girl and I rushed atop the altar
The sacrifice was made
It was not easy undertaking
The root's grip sucked like a living grave
Oh young girl at the wedding
Baby's breath in her hair
A crowning lace above her face
That'll last a day before it turns to hay
Good plans are made by hand
I'd cut a clearing in the land
For a little bed
For her to cry comfortable in
And each day I looked out on the lawn
And I wondered what all was gone
Until I saw it was lucky old me
How could I run without losing anything?
How could I run without becoming lean?
It was agreed
It was a greed
It was me tearing out the baby's breath
Oh I am a helpless man
So help me!
I'm on my knees
Trying to make the baby's breath blow
It was not a weed it was a flower
My baby's gone
Oh where has my baby gone?
She was not a weed she was a flower
And now I know you must reap what you sow
Or sing
And yes now I know you must reap what you sow
Or sing

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