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Blood for blood – Heart for heart
Woke up in this dream an ugly world unseen. Unleash the beast in me – takin’ a walk on elm street. I sing you a lullaby – in which your fears come to life.
A good place to die – no chance to survive.
Eye for an eye – A feast of sacrifice. I’m the shadow – i am the light. No place to run, no place to hide.
Blood pours from the sky – We’re dancing in the rain. A pandemonium – a symphony in pain.
I am your demise You’re my sacrifice
I am the shadow – I am the light – you’re my sacrifice.
I am the shadow – I am the light – I´m your demise.
Who i am? I am you!
Those who enter here will forever disappear. In the darkest night – I whispered in your ear.
You will be mine – cause it’s high time. Carnage – chaos – endless pain – will drive you insane.
I am nemesis – i give you death
Now you belong to me – (you will) die in agony. Greetings from hell – these are my dying words.
Every time I kill – I hope to end this curse.
I am the shadow – i am the light – you’re my sacrifice.
I am the shadow – i am the light – i´m your demise.
Killing you is killing me.
Am I awake or still asleep?
Don’t wake me up, don’t make this real!

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I Am Nemesis


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