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Tomorrow Never Came/It Can’t Be - text


My mood it reflects in the weather
Just at the dawn of daylight
I'm racing for home never more alone
I've been through one hell of a night
I remember when we got together
Never had two been more tight
When we became one, we gave birth to our son
Nothing could have been more right

And the leaves on the trees turned black
And the sun didn't rise and my world's foundation cracked
When all I loved died
Feeling total loss, kneeling at the cross l will hold you tight
When I meet you in the light eternal life we'll share
In a dream somewhere save me from despair

And you won't be there to meet me
And you won't be there to greet me
And you won't be by my side
You'll awake from death and find you in a light
That nearly blinds you and all the ones you loved
Are there with me

I spotted the home of Mrs. Watkins
Out from the chimney blew smoke
All that I'd done for my wife and my son
Of this nothing would be spoke
I gathered myself at the doorway
Approached and gave a gentle knock
I could not prepare for what was in there
Once again my world would be rocked

I waited for someone to answer
From inside there was not a sound
I opened the door what I was in for all of the family was found
There by the glow of the fire, I saw all the Watkins were dead
Close sat my son, God what had he done?
He looked towards me turning his head
And he said Daddy, Father, did you bring Mommy with you?
As you can see I'm very hungry
And these three people just won't do
How could he speak at just 36 weeks?
His voice had an inhuman tone
From his little frame black tentacles sprang
They had pierced the Watkins to the bone
Tomorrow never came

Elliot knew what he had to do to put a final end
To this madness he must take the life of his precious son
But were there yet others amongst the streets of London
Out there loose upon an unsuspecting world?

Mrs. Watkins? Mrs. Watkins? I've come for Jacob
Mrs. Watkins, is that you there? Mrs?
No - no it can't be!

Daddy did you bring Mommy with you?
As you can see I'm very hungry!


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Video přidal DevilDan

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