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To Save Love/Christ Protect Me - text


Tell me what do I have to do to save love?
Is there anything that I can do to save love?
I would do whatever I have to do
Track down this monster and then run it through
I'd brave any perils for you my dear love

The brain
Bring me its brain
The brain
I must have its brain
Then I can create a serum she can take
On my life this I will stake

It has one weakness, a dark spot on its head
Strike it fast and hard or you will wind up dead
Now go - we don't have much time
Arm yourself to the teeth
We don't have much time
Before it's too late

I knew what I had to do, arming myself
as I stared into the
blackness of the catacombs before me

A trail of fluorescent blue residue dimly lit the path the monster
had made. I took one last look back at my wife as she lay there
in a surreal, peaceful rest

I had no choice but to leave her there with Allistar whom I had
just beaten to within an inch of his life. As I took my first step
towards the unknown terrors I thought, truly this be the valley of
the shadow of death, but I shall fear no evil. Christ protect me

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