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The Procedure - text


Come around the back, bring the man inside
Put him in this box, beware of prying eyes
He'll be waking soon, never tell a soul
There's no turning back, but you already know

Dim the lights draw your attention to the tables
Read him his last rights while his resistance is disabled
Chain the prisoner to the silver one do as you're told
Undress your wife and lay her on the one that's made of gold

Something's coming for them in the dead of the night
A nightmare that cannot be named - a creation
Not knowing they're releasing hidden horrors
Inside all so that she can be saved - transformation

Throw the switch, it's time to begin the procedure
Annabelle twitched, her body writhing like a seizure
It felt so soothing, something's moving beneath the floor
Lights were flashing, both were thrashing upon death's door

Annabelle was moaning with her eyes looking wild
Caught between pleasure and pain - a sensation
Next to her the prisoner was decaying inside
His skin turning blackened and stained - a mutation
Jarvis Felton was his name - transmutation

The crazy sound and lights that his machine had made
That chaos in the room now began to fade
Stand aside, l have to complete the procedure
Elliot cried, as he stuck her with a needle
A bright blue liquid, how he sticked it into her neck
Annabelle woke up, then rose up off the deck

Allistar had taken them on quite a ride
It all seemed to be so insane - a temptation
Felton's body shrivelled up and painfully died
Smoke rising from his remains - desecration

In the fading light, I witnessed something strange
Clinging to her back, I thought I saw some things

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Video přidal DevilDan

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