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The Appetite - text


I gave them what they wanted - a fresh start
A new lease on life for that young man and his wife
I kept from them a secret, l did not tell the price
She was changing into something that wasn’t nice

Annabelle was doing well, she was at her best
I could tell there was no more hell, she had passed the test
She was so alive now so was I
I watched her as she danced, marks on her back
They were small and black, hardly gave a glance
She really needs a lot now, I love her every night
Things are really getting hot now, her ferocious appetite
I can't seem to break her, she can go all night

So much heat between the sheets
It's so different than before
She moaned so loud, shed scream and shout
She acted like a whore
I tied her down I raised her gown, I laid her on the bed
With sexy eyes and creamy thighs, I did just what she said
Things are really getting rough now, she even likes to bite
Now every single night I feed her appetite
I can't seem to break her, she can go all night

You're not the same, you're not the same my love
What's happening to you?

I came home one night, she wasn't right
She was lying on the floor
Frail and weak her outlook bleak, just like it was before
I went back there to the Arab's lair, he said she needed more
A girl this time would do just fine
He said it as he closed the door
Will it ever be enough now, something isn’t right
I'd do anything for love now, oh how I need her appetite
I have someone in mind, I'll go get her tonight

Feed her feed her feed her - the appetite
Faster and faster so goes the game, this is insane
Deeper and deeper drowning in guilt, up to the hilt
Weaker and weaker cracks in her voice, I have no choice
Sicker and sicker fading away, I must go today

Annabelle knew what we had to do
There was no going back in fact, she wanted it

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