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The Antidote - text


I opened my eyes I was still alive, I bested the creature
I somehow survived I shook off the cobwebs became clear of mind
The weapon arcane I quickly would find it was crackling
I cut through beast with a brilliant blue beam
Carving just like a pumpkin on Halloween
Its brain was there it stunk the air as I freed it with my sword
I wrapped it in a burlap sack and prayed to my dear Lord

I've come too far to have you fail me now
Allistar must find a way somehow
Blue bag of brains, a cure he did promote
If he fails, I'll shove it down his throat - the antidote

I dragged it outside I looked for a ride
By the good grace of God a free horse was tied
I loaded the package with no time to waste
I asked for directions, I had to make haste
Blazing, I raced through the rain with a bag full of brains
Praying, that through all this pain my love would be saved
On my horse I raced the streets of London in the storm
I must return my Annabelle back to her true form

I hope she wasn't gone

I broke down the door
Then Annabelle tore Allistar's body in two
She screamed with a roar now fully transformed
I knew just what I had to do
The lab was on fire the flames getting higher
As the monster that was my wife came
Scraps from her dress in a tentacled mess
As she slithered I called out her name
Can you hear me my love God in heaven above
In her eyes I still see the blue
Then a tear formed and fell that the fires of hell
Would be extinguished if it were still you, but she was gone

My true love was gone, I had to move on
For the love of our son it was now breaking dawn
Her blue had turned black, there was no turning back
I parried and dodged while she pressed her attack
I was hating what I had to do as her inhumanity grew
Saying my last goodbye as tears filled my eyes
I drew the weapon, crackling light then brightly filled the room
Then with a flash I shot my wife and sent her to her doom
Then she was gone

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