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Tell Me Everything/The Expedition - text


What have you done my wife?
I'll beat you to an inch of your life
I'll try to explain if you kindly refrain
Then I sliced with the blade of my knife

Allistar I beat him bloody battered to the bone
My eyes were glazed with craziness
I lost all control
I drew my sword and pressed it squarely straight into his chest
I said tell me what have you done or I'll lay you to rest

A mystical place seen by no one
So we set off on the expedition
No turning back, nowhere to run
I now know my journey to hell had begun

Come with me come with me, on the expedition
Such secrets you will see, on the expedition

Let me take you back, not but ten years ago
A village in Egypt that I called my home
My father, a doctor well known
His dreams, he would share them alone

I learned his ways I could amaze the people with my healing
My destiny was not to be what Daddy did desire
I yearned to find the secrets that the desert was concealing
A longing for adventure in me burning like a fire

The tomb of Osiris buried under centuries of sand
I knew, I knew I had to find it
Something beckoned me and forced my hand
With my father's funding I assembled all the best
One hundred men, supplies and archaeologists
We set out in the sands and followed faded clues
Something strangely guided me
It somehow ted me to the tomb of Osiris

After forty days and night we finally came to the site
Gazing at the ruins by moonlight
We set up our camp and began to explore
Amazing the massive size of that door

Digging scraping excavating ruins in the dust
The writings on that giant door were warnings we should trust
They spoke about an ancient race, the old ones from the stars
My scientist's translations told of creatures quite bizarre

For twenty days and nights we worked at the site
Nothing we did would go right, trying to open that door
My men had not seen nothing like this before

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