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Smash Authority - text


I cannot comprehend the statistical talk,
I cannot read the signs,
I cannot walk the walk.
Now some of these things
are unhealthy to me now,
but all of these things,
mean nothing to me.

No, don't try to spoonfeed me.

I don't like you can't you see,
'cause your truth is lie to me,
you know I smash authority.

I cannot understand your rationale
for cutting down the trees
for your economies.
How come your useless words
lack application to your own self,
to your own wealth,
but not to your nation.

No, don't try to mess with me.

Spill the blood and sew the seed, and I've always disagreed
(an' now it's you who's gonna' bleed).
So please don't show me the way,
can you hear what I say?
Your truth is lie to me.
Smash authority.

Your agendas are weak and they're causing corrosion,
burning the air, killing the oceans.
What will it take, when will you see,
powers not money it's what you set free.

I've said what I needed to say,
but I got one thing left to relay.
You may stop the winds today (winds of change),
but tomorrow they'll blow you away.

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