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Sinister Six - text


For what seemed like hours
I made my way through catacombs filled with waste
I knew just where to follow, its trail was glowing blue
I soon came to a doorway into the room I flew
They were shocked to see me, the four of them
And now my rampage would begin
They rushed me in a frenzy, I quickly drew my gun
I calmly squeezed the trigger, they now were missing one

I'll finish these four with some gunpowder blasts
I still need Allistar save him for last
Vengeance burns deep in me I need my fix
Mindlessly murdering sinister six

My lamp then found the next one, it broke with burning oil
It lit the room like the sun, I watched the bastard boil

The third one was half monster, it shrieked a sickening yell
I emptied the full chamber, and sent it straight to hell

Their golden-robed leader drew down on me fast
A bolt of blue lightning, I just dodged the blast
What sinister sorcery mind playing tricks
A weapon arcane from the sinister six

My arms was frozen in some kind of shock
The strange gun that he fired at me, it shattered rock
It was recharging, light circled the tip
It crackled and sparked like stars had been ripped
Before it could recharge again, I charged him with my blade
His blood filled the room from the hole it made

The room began collapsing, I grabbed that wicked gun
He said the beast had forged it - it was the only one

A beam from the ceiling crushed their leaders head
Before he was killed I heard just what he said
One final chamber yet still did exist
There you can finish the sinister six

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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